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OpTic-Gaming is available to all fans from the competitive scene, come check out our new site @http://optic-gaming.ucoz.com
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Today The Dominion Studios has removed all data and associated content from the domain name modifications.ucoz.net We feel that we no longer need the operations of the site to be available anymore.

Please come back soon to read on The Dominions next project.
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The Dominion needed some system tweaks that needed the site to be down over night until today at 3:00pm ET. The Dominion was reconstructed for better loading times and other improvements to make it a better experience. 
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The Dominion now has site chat. Site chat is a script language that I have made up but, runs off from the text/java language. Basically you can now open our chat in different parts of the site like video and forum section to chat with other users. 
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This update to The Dominion includes some new scripts!

1. Important site news will appear at the top of the page.
2. New translate feature in the block section.
3. New user bar at the bottom of the page.
4. New navigate buttons at the bottom of page.
5. New form for reporting and abuse on The Dominion.

1. Important news will appear at the top of all pages so all users including visitors can see the most important new on The Dominion.

2. Updated the translate feature with stylish icons. This still translates the same.

3. User bar at the bottom of the page includes translation as well and show the time in a 24 hour clock format, also with social sharing features and navigations and the option to close the entire bar to hide it.

4. Navigation buttons to go to the top and or bottom of the page in one click.
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The Dominion has been updated with many different updates within the site.

Main Updates -

1. Main Site Menu
2. Home Page Design
3. Share Block
4. Terms
5. About Us
6. Contact Us
7. Error Key
8. Bottom of Site (Footer)
9. Music
10. More Videos (Coming Soon!)

1. Main Site Menu
The Dominions' site menu is the main strip of pages listed at the top of the site. These links have been changed around and some have been removed and can be reached by other means of access.

2. Home Page Design
The Dominions' home page is the first page that is loaded when you visit the site @ http://theominion.ucoz.com. The home page didnt get to much change, just updated the link pictures to other sites such as Facebook. The new pictures for links include Facebook, Youtube, and new link picture for Twitter.
... Read more »
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The Dominion is now live after being over 2 hours down time, receiving all new look that we think everyone will enjoy. with a new color scheme and design of the site entirely. This update needed to be done because of the recent release of Arcade Zone, another website made by The Dominion Studios. You will now find all the block modules on the right side of all web pages. With this update, The Dominions' Site News will also be posted to Twitter at 20 minute intervals so you can be up to date on The Dominions' updates when you are away from the site.
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Hey everyone at The Dominion, come check out our new project! Arcade Zone, with many games and more to come. If you don't see your favorite game on the site feel free to recommend a game in the site forum here
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New updates to permissions to the site for all user groups. With the new user groups being implemented, the current groups were revised for their permissions through out the site. New groups were included for job positions at The Dominion. These positions will be available HERE. 
These positions are available to whom ever is interested and knows that they can make an impact at The Dominion to make it better and to attract more users / visitors. Sorry that im not including all the new changes with all user groups and the new changes to the new user groups, but it would be over 5k lines of on and off options that are not fun looking at....so go around the site like normal and you will find some of the changes your self. If you have any questions about a specific change, I can ... Read more »
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The Dominion received many small updates all around the site.


  1. Appearance
  2. Design
  3. Margins
  4. Padding
  5. CSS Update
  6. Site Pages Main
  7. Bottom Part of Website

Updates 1 - 5 called for the site to be down for approximately 150 minutes.
Updates 6 and 7 were quick fixes.

Start of update log.

Update 1
Appearance has been updated to The Dominion website with all new appearance, it ... Read more »
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