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The Dominion is a gamers spot to check out simple and fun arcade games, checking on the latest news, videos of the latest trailers and reviews, talking on our expansive forums and maybe downloading a file or two from our file catalog. The Dominion also provides a contact us form so you can ask anything you want in the provided categories. The site also keeps track of top spots in posts, rep, and top two spots in site rank. Speaking of site rank, we have ten(10) different ranks for users to reach through posts. They are...  

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The history of our clan and well how it began. Devin and I are close friends, we would be those guys that would have gaming parties and try to get as many achievements on a game in one night we were really good at getting achievements and other things for our games. Devin and I always found the easter eggs, glitches and any other special bonuses/objectives for games. We soon thought of a group of maybe just me and him or few more people to try to record videos to show how we got our achievements and such, like achievement hunters. We watched their videos and guides to help us get through the tough parts of the games we played. Their videos were a lot of help when we spent hours trying to get an achievement and we still did not unlock it. Devin and I decided to try this and make our own little channel for guides and hunting of achievements, but we never were able to get around to it. At the time we were in middle school just getting to high school, so it was all about school back in the day. After a while the idea faded and we never talked about it again really, it was sad. We always played games and unlocked all we could on them and never brought up the idea again. Until one day we decided to play Call of Duty (after Devin got better) regularly, and play with a few of our other friends/cousins. Devin then brought up the idea of a clan, well because you could make a clan now on Call of Duty, and he talked about it and how it would work. No one really went for the idea or they were already in a friends clan or some random one. I was in a random clan when he brought up this idea. Well after a few weeks of bringing it up no one really talked about it, but Devin created the clan anyways. So one day I was in a party with most of our friends and we regularly check Call of Duty Elite and we stumbled across an invite to The Dominion clan....ummm ok so I accepted it and so did most of our friends. After that Devin invited me to be the co-founder of the clan I wouldn't turn it down! We decided on many things for our clan like practice times and operations that our clan would do well at, after that we played like we always have with our friends for 3-4 years now and we were already use to playing with our initial members. We dominated the other team almost every match, we once went on a 20 some game win streak, it may not be to impressive but it was one of our first.  

About Site Admin-

 My goal for this site was to create a community that our clan can share with everyone. I took it upon my self to create this site so we as The Dominion can share what we enjoy doing everyday. This was all my idea and I put forth the effort of making this website, but without our clan I do not think that I would have attempted this incredible task. Our clan is what encouraged me into making this and brought me the inspiration to make this site for all of you. A little about me, well im a gamer, im in The Dominion clan, im the co-founder of The Dominion clan, im 18.

Im a programer :)


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