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Forza Horizon developer Playground Games may be working on another next-gen Forza title, according to a team member's LinkedIn profile.

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Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin has taken a tip from Battlefield's Twitter strategy and released a short grainy video teasing a new feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The six-second teaser clip appears to show a menu screen that looks much like a menu of the Call of Duty series, and cl ... Read more »
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Twitch was now running smoothly but now I have made the following improvements.

  1. Coding, to fit the player frame with the frame of the body section.
  2. New Sections, new sections or channels are now available although there is no streams available at this time.
  3. Page Loading, the stream you click on will load automatically now right to the part of the page where the stream is being played.
  4. (2)New Section, Black Ops II Channels is the only one available at this time.
That was about it for all the main updates and changes to the Twitch feature. Reminder if you see this URL:
Please contact the Admin as that this URL means you can not watch any Twitch content on this site and you will need to sign out then back into Twitch. Im working on the problem. ... Read more »
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New page has been implemented on the main menu called "Twitch". From there you can watch popular channels just like if you are on twitch, unfortunately there is only a few channels. Begin specific there is on Optic Gaming for now.
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Hello and welcome! The Dominion is releasing a new page called "Twitch". It is a page with popular channels from, there will be more channels in the future possibly but for now its all Optic Gaming. Go check it out!
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Xbox Live Gold members can leap their way across Crackdown or chop their way through Dead Rising 2 for free in August. As part of Microsoft's "Games with Gold" program, starting tomorrow, August 1, Crackdown will be free to agents through August 15. The only cost is how much of your life will be consumed by hunting orbs.

Starting August 16, both Dead Rising 2 and its prologue, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, will be gratis through the end of the month.
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New site changes have been issued. 
Minecraft page no longer opens in a new page.
Gaming Videos page is now called Videos.
New videos section (Music)

Can now play Minecraft without another page loading. Gaming Videos page is called Videos page now, because it doesn't just contain gaming videos no more hence the introduction of the Music section. Music section will have all kinds of music in that section, not all music because it would be impossible to have all music but it will have a mix of all music. One music video is now available made by Tempests Night
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The Dominion has changed... Online Games page is no longer available and all games have been deleted. Minecraft is still an option and is now a menu page! Speaking of pages, a new page is in the menu as well. "Terms" is the new menu page, it wasn't new but it is now easily accessed through the site menu now. Last of all major changes, the site changed loading animations again, from the Umbrella Corp. to a default Ajax animation. It looks more the style for the site since there really isn't any thing to do with umbrella Corp. It was cool but better that it is not that one that is used. More changes may come in the coming months. It is difficult to keep up with site building, uploading content as well as maintenance to keep this site interesting.

Important Information:

The Dominion Studios aka Jake, the maker of The Dominion is going to be releasing another piece of software/program. It will be my new program. It is a browser that searches on t ... Read more »
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The site went through a big overhaul with new icons representing the user menu (located at the top body of every page). They have been edited with blue icons instead of the gray icon, also the names for the menu have been removed. New main menu bar, with highlighting text bar (blue), hover over and or click on the page it will highlight in blue. On the home page I added the add to favorites? link. Its between the first animation and the big sign up button, its with the recommend button for Facebook. This (add to favorites?) link adds the home page to your bookmarks section, all though it works on Opera browser it doesn't on Chrome, I have not checked the other browsers. Game News page got some improvments with two new RSS feeds from The Tech Game and Gamespot. The Game News page also has the link to the guides and tutorials page brought to you by, yup thats right I re-codded that page back, so search away for cheats and guides. The Forum re ... Read more »
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All Changes of the site including repairs and upgrades will be posted in the forum under the Site Change Log forum Repair. If you have any questions about the forum and or any part of the site please PM site admin, ask in forum or use the contact us page
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