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Site Changes
The Dominion has changed... Online Games page is no longer available and all games have been deleted. Minecraft is still an option and is now a menu page! Speaking of pages, a new page is in the menu as well. "Terms" is the new menu page, it wasn't new but it is now easily accessed through the site menu now. Last of all major changes, the site changed loading animations again, from the Umbrella Corp. to a default Ajax animation. It looks more the style for the site since there really isn't any thing to do with umbrella Corp. It was cool but better that it is not that one that is used. More changes may come in the coming months. It is difficult to keep up with site building, uploading content as well as maintenance to keep this site interesting.

Important Information:

The Dominion Studios aka Jake, the maker of The Dominion is going to be releasing another piece of software/program. It will be my new program. It is a browser that searches on the web and fully functional. It is still in the idea faze but it is ready to do the simplest of web tasks, which is searching. It has some more features to, I guess im saying it can be used but no where near to be done. I have so much more to put into this program but takes a lot of time to do the coding for it. Expect it to be released for download in a month or less.


The Dominion Studios aka Jake, the maker of The Dominion is going to start making the full version of the my FPS game. It didnt have much testing that I would of liked but im going through with it and making more of something like a demo or something, maybe just a full game. The Beta was to short and didnt bring many elements to the end user to enjoy the Beta. Yeah it was cool but I felt that it didnt really show all that capabilities of the game. Expect to see an update about level completion and such, im expecting this game will take up to a few months on just plotting and story making, then making of the levels themselves.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope everyone approves of the recent updates and new releases coming out soon, im excited and I cant wait to share with everyone!


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