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Site Maintenance
The site went through a big overhaul with new icons representing the user menu (located at the top body of every page). They have been edited with blue icons instead of the gray icon, also the names for the menu have been removed. New main menu bar, with highlighting text bar (blue), hover over and or click on the page it will highlight in blue. On the home page I added the add to favorites? link. Its between the first animation and the big sign up button, its with the recommend button for Facebook. This (add to favorites?) link adds the home page to your bookmarks section, all though it works on Opera browser it doesn't on Chrome, I have not checked the other browsers. Game News page got some improvments with two new RSS feeds from The Tech Game and Gamespot. The Game News page also has the link to the guides and tutorials page brought to you by, yup thats right I re-codded that page back, so search away for cheats and guides. The Forum received a few updates as well, the Rules and Registration section holding the Site Rules and Terms of Use thread has been updated with terms/legal document along with site permissions. The Forum also recieved three new threads, Battlestar Galactica Online, World of Tanks, and World of Tanks Xbox 360 will be available under the Online MMOs section. The Gaming Videos Page also received many updates and I mean many. I fixed the video frame problem and now all videos can be viewed properly without it cutting off. Gaming Videos page was also updated with two new categories, tutorials (my own tutorials) may be open to other users to add videos, also Dominion Game Play. This section of videos will be all The Dominion Clan game play with the clan and individual videos. Online games was updated as well, on the main module page (when you click on online games page) Minecraft v1.5.2 is available to be played, you may need to download Java. Minecraft is out of frame on the page and can cause you to interact with the website rather than the game, to fix this go to options and video options and go into full screen, this should fix it. The file catalog got a few new downloads so head on over and check those out. Contact Us Forms received a big!! overhaul. The old forms completely glitch out the right side blocks of the site while viewing the forms, now they are framed correctly. This is a big improvement and it was just annoying, also the Contact Us page has two new forms, one for Youtube contact and a Contest Application Form. With this new form you can enter The Dominions' free give away contest, just fill out the form and you may win! Some more updates that involve the Dominion Clan Page, regulary users can not access the contents on this page with out a name and password, I know. This is purposely done and only members with a name and password can enter, only members of The Dominion Clan have passwords and can enter into the other pages. These pages that im talking about...well you dont know what they are. All you need to know is that they were redesigned and stuff smile Also the animation between loading site pages has been changed to an Umbrella Corp. logo, it is very cool....Thanks for reading! more updates coming soon.
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