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OpTic-Gaming is available to all fans from the competitive scene, come check out our new site @
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Today The Dominion Studios has removed all data and associated content from the domain name We feel that we no longer need the operations of the site to be available anymore.

Please come back soon to read on The Dominions next project.
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The Dominion needed some system tweaks that needed the site to be down over night until today at 3:00pm ET. The Dominion was reconstructed for better loading times and other improvements to make it a better experience. 
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Hey everyone at The Dominion, come check out our new project! Arcade Zone, with many games and more to come. If you don't see your favorite game on the site feel free to recommend a game in the site forum here
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New page has been implemented on the main menu called "Twitch". From there you can watch popular channels just like if you are on twitch, unfortunately there is only a few channels. Begin specific there is on Optic Gaming for now.
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All Changes of the site including repairs and upgrades will be posted in the forum under the Site Change Log forum Repair. If you have any questions about the forum and or any part of the site please PM site admin, ask in forum or use the contact us page
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The bottom link is to the news/videos page, which includes videos for new games, reviews, and well anything to do with games. The videos may be sorted into categories later.
Link below will request for your real age!!

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