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Site Updates
The Dominion received many small updates all around the site.


  1. Appearance
  2. Design
  3. Margins
  4. Padding
  5. CSS Update
  6. Site Pages Main
  7. Bottom Part of Website

Updates 1 - 5 called for the site to be down for approximately 150 minutes.
Updates 6 and 7 were quick fixes.

Start of update log.

Update 1
Appearance has been updated to The Dominion website with all new appearance, it is not a big change but the menu and block menus now have dark slate blue words, rather than white.
Main Menu still turns the words white after hovering over the selected menu page.

Update 2
Design co-insides with appearance update. The design has improved from this and brings many more opportunities to The Dominions' future appearance and design.
Design updates include color, spacing, padding, margins, and text.

Update 3
Margins have been improved on some parts of the right column ($GLOBAL_DRIGHTER$)

Update 4
Padding has been improved on some parts of the right column ($GLOBAL_DRIGHTER$)

Update 5
CSS Updates include padding and margin updates with other small edits that don't pertain to any particular category.

Update 6
  • Site Pages Main, it is basically the home page of The Dominion and has been updated.
  • Add Favorites link to add site to your favorites has been removed.
  • Removed some of the </hr> tag with the </br> tag since the </hr> tag was repetitive.
Update 7
Update 7 includes a update to the bottom portion of The Dominion which includes the Logged On Today entry instead of it being on the ($GLOBAL_DRIGHTER$) which is being replaced with another feature that is being worked on.

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